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A site to find doctors with open minds on vaccine exemptions.

A troubling phenomenon is developing related to the covid vaccines. Employers and now colleges are requiring that you get these shots, even though there are many reports of very serious side-effects and even tens of thousands of deaths.

In some cases, you can choose not to comply IF you have a medical or religous exemption. But in the case of medical exemptions, all roads point to your primary physician and they are largely saying "NO". The phrase that they all use is eerily similar "Our practice Trusts the Science, so we do not grant exemptions."

Those who know, don't trust the science in this case.
* The PCR Test creator,
* The mRNA therapy creator,
* Thousands of doctors,
* PCR marker changes up & down,
* PCR tests finding covid in papa fruit; goats and cans of coke,
* Medical trials not to be completed until 2022/2023,
* Astra Zeneca starting TESTS on children, aged 5-12, in June 2021.

So, this site is to help you to find physicians and practices that are willing to consider your exemption request.

They ARE out there to help.
Legal Notice
This is not an anti-vax site.
This is an anti-coercion site.